Latest Review: ‘Army Destroys Much-Decorated Green Beret’

The first few words of its headline, Army destroys much-decorated Green Beret, could have stood on their own, but they weren’t the end of the decidedly-positive review of my book, Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier’s Fight for Military Justice, at  Below is an excerpt from that just-published piece:

The two most odious words in the U.S. Army today should be “politically correct.”

Because Army brass wanted to soothe strained relations with the locals, prosecutors railroaded a much-decorated Green Beret NCO into a prison cell based on suspect testimony.

Former SFC Kelly Stewart was the unlucky soldier who got hammered because “justice” was denied in his court-martial.

The combat vet flipped out when he heard he’d been found guilty, and fled from authorities. He was on the lam for three days in Germany.

Stewart wisely turned himself in, but by then, the damage was done and he ended up with an eight-year prison sentence.

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